In this session, we discussed challenges within your network marketing team. You elaborated on the issue of three team members at risk of going inactive due to not meeting their sales quotas. We explored your proposed methods to encourage and assist them, as well as your considerations on whether to continue investing energy in them.

We then shifted focus to personal aspects of your business practices and identified a need to return to basic, proven strategies and maintain consistency. You expressed concerns about your tendency to prioritize family needs over business commitments due to guilt, potentially leading to inconsistent business engagement. We also analyzed how your son’s situation intersects with your business activities, as he is currently facing his own motivational challenges.

Moreover, we delved into your foundational business skills, emphasizing the importance of sticking to the basics and the impact of your mindset and energy on your business. I emphasized the significance of consistency, detailing strategies for effective social media presence and customer relationship management.

As a part of our reflection, I provided guidance on managing and encouraging your team members more constructively. This includes celebrating their efforts, even if imperfect, and fostering an environment of support rather than pressure. We discussed leadership strategies and the importance of allowing team members to find their methods within the framework you provide, promoting a sense of ownership and commitment to the business.

For your homework, I’ve encouraged a deeper self-reflection on your prioritization and time management, particularly regarding family versus business priorities. Additionally, exploring your inner motivations and blocks could further enhance your business focus and personal growth.