In this session, we focused on strategies for manifesting your goals and maintaining a positive frequency. We discussed the importance of setting intentions, doing the work, and trusting the process without constantly seeking evidence of progress. By visualizing success and embracing it as a current reality, not a future possibility, you can align with the desired frequency of your goals.

We talked about the tactical implementation of your plans, particularly regarding real estate endeavors and AI integration. You were advised to allocate consistent daily time for real estate activities and set aside weekly slots to establish passive income streams through various projects, like AI applications or your Amazon store.

To ensure progress, the following homework was assigned:
1. Continue your time blocking discipline to manage daily tasks effectively.
2. Dedicate specific times for real estate calls, ideally when you can maximize contact with clients.
3. Initiate at least one passive income project per week, taking small steps to build up gradually.
4. Refresh and update your Amazon store inventory to optimize its performance.

Keep visualizing success vividly and operate from that high frequency, using affirmations like “Today’s a $5,000 day” to foster a mindset of abundance. By next session, aim to provide updates on these activities and any developments with the ongoing real estate deal.

This approach not only aims at immediate tasks but encourages building a mindset that attracts success naturally by aligning your everyday actions and thoughts with your ultimate goals.