In this session, we discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with being a visionary and a first mover in a market and how this can impact business growth and personal brand development. We conversed about the benefits of affiliate programs and the necessity for businesses to evolve to stay competitive. The concept of “first mover advantage” was emphasized, explaining that being the initial brand or individual to take advantage of a new opportunity can set one apart from competitors.

Additionally, we explored how posting content on social media that appears salesy can undermine credibility. I advised focusing on creating high-quality content that genuinely engages the audience, particularly emphasizing authenticity and building trust over purely promotional messages. I shared insights on the importance of balancing content across the top, middle, and bottom of the marketing funnel to maintain engagement at all stages of customer interaction.

For homework, I challenged you to engage in groups, particularly those comprising women over 50, without directly promoting your products. This strategy is aimed at building genuine connections and demonstrating your expertise and passion authentically.

In our next session, we will continue to track the effectiveness of this approach and adjust strategies as necessary to ensure that your social media presence aligns closely with your brand values and business goals.