In this session, we discussed the challenges you have been facing with leveraging your interviews and fully utilizing opportunities that come your way. We emphasized the potential in each interview and collaboration, encouraging you to see them as occasions to extend your influence and business.

Key points from our discussion include:

1. **Energy and Protection:** We talked about the energy dynamics in your interactions and the importance of protecting your energy. You shared your engagements, where people often offload their issues, affecting your energy levels. We discussed strategies like using tourmaline for protection during unknown encounters.

2. **Interview Utilization:** You mentioned conducting several interviews without effectively leveraging them for business growth. We talked about the need to shift from just conducting interviews to using them as springboards to enhance your business and personal brand.

3. **Homework and Actions:**
– **Disconnection and Reconnection:** We discussed taking time off from digital and business commitments to reconnect with nature and ground yourself, which could help recharge your energy.
– **Reflective Practice:** Encouraged you to reflect on how you can transform interactions and interviews into opportunities for business enhancement and growth.
– **Energy Protection Techniques:** Consider integrating more energy protection practices in your routine, especially when exposed to a high influx of external energies.

Overall, it was encouraging to see you recognize the need for a shift in how you manage and deploy the resources and connections at your disposal. We will continue exploring ways to harness these engagements effectively, focusing on converting interactions into tangible business outcomes and showcasing your expertise more prominently.