In this session, we discussed various aspects of your digital presence and content strategy. We began by reviewing the PDF guide from your program “Her Mastery,” focusing on the simplicity of the download process without further explanations. We also addressed the option to share additional content and you asked for opinions on your marketing materials, specifically regarding the inclusion of a logo versus your personal picture. I advised having both but suggested making the logo smaller and including your picture to personalize it.

A significant part of our conversation revolved around your social media strategy. You admitted to not posting recently, which is critical especially if you aim to sell your program. We discussed the importance of consistent posting to build trust and visibility.

In terms of technical advice, we touched on organizing your webpage and crafting it to fit your style. You asked for my opinion on tactical steps forward for enhancing the visibility and marketing outreach for it. I recommended some design changes and also the consideration of hiring a VA to manage routine tasks so you can focus more on content creation and strategic activities.

For your homework, I’d like you to begin scheduling posts and organize your social media content. Also, please continue working on personalizing your webpage with the suggestions we discussed today.

At any point, if you feel stuck or need further clarification on executing these tasks, feel free to reach out.