In this session, we discussed your personal difficulties, both physical and emotional, and how these challenges are impacting your capacity to focus on your work and personal endeavors. You shared the recent improvements regarding your familial responsibilities, allowing you a better mental space to focus on healing and managing your physical health issues. You specifically mentioned ongoing severe pain from planters fasciitis and issues with your knee, which have been significantly limiting your mobility.

We also focused on your professional goals, particularly your aims within your business and networking endeavors. Your determination to reach the ‘Cadillac’ status this year was strongly evident, and we explored the requirements beyond recruiting to achieve this, highlighting the importance of building a robust business profile and enhancing personal confidence.

The strategy to move forward includes:
– Deep diving into your feelings about your company’s situation through journaling to better understand your stance and next steps.
– Sharpening your focus on your ideal business avatar by studying potential recruits that align with your business goals.
– Engaging with professional women and adopting successful habits from them.

I encouraged your initiative to use affirmations and visualizations to foster a sense of self-confidence and worth. Moreover, the recognition of needing clearer communication on social media to attract the right business contacts was acknowledged, and a plan was set to refine your outreach and networking.

For your next steps:
1. **Journal about your company’s situation** to clarify your feelings and decisions moving forward.
2. **Focus on your business avatars**—spend time each day studying women you admire and could see yourself working with.
3. **Confidence-building strategies**, like speaking affirmations in the mirror and recounting your achievements, to address imposter syndrome and self-doubt actively.

Remember, the road to high achievement is often through persisting amidst adversity, and utilizing your tough experiences as stepping stones will set you apart as a leader.