In this session, we focused on your current challenges and future strategies for your social media presence and business growth. Although facing personal difficulties with a friend’s health crisis, you’ve been managing significant responsibilities including home renovations and supporting those around you.

We discussed the importance of your online presence, particularly on social media, where you have successfully engaged in new groups, gaining substantial interaction. This is crucial as it aligns with your goal to connect with entrepreneurial, high-achieving women over 50. You shared the strategic move towards leveraging these connections to build a network aligned with your business goals.

A significant point was about refining your social media strategy to attract the right type of clientele—affluent, intelligent women who can resonate with your brand of sophisticated, intelligent discourse rather than price-driven campaigns. You were encouraged to shift your focus from volume to value, seeking quality engagements that convert into meaningful business relationships.

Additional advice included considering additional help to manage personal and professional tasks more effectively, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your business. By delegating lower-level tasks, you can conserve energy for high-level planning and execution.

– Focus on enhancing your social media strategy to reflect your brand authentically and attract the right demographic.
– Consider the utility of hiring additional help to manage routine tasks efficiently.

By maintaining focus on these strategic elements, you are expected to attract the right clientele and grow your business in alignment with your vision.