In this session, we discussed your progress with defining the avatars for your business and identifying key pain points and outcomes for them. You expressed a need for confirmation that your approach was correct, reflecting uncertainty about deepening your understanding of your avatars stoked by the depth of analysis you’re executing for the first time.

We navigated through several poignant moments where you questioned the need for external validation. I reinforced the significance of self-validation and trusting your judgments, especially because the avatars are constructed based on your past personal experiences.

You posed questions about whether similar pain points and outcomes were acceptable, and if the number of items listed was sufficient. I reassured you that similarity in these areas can be valid and that the depth of the list should meet your specific understanding and comfort level with the content.

Moreover, your engagement on social media was discussed, emphasizing how you have been converting these insights into engaging content suitable for your audience, thereby making them aware of their problems through thought-provoking posts.

During the session, we also touched upon building consistency in executing your strategies on social media and handling personal beliefs in professional spaces concerning sensitive topics like LGBTQ+ rights.

Your homework for the next session is to:
1. Continue refining your avatar analysis, ensuring that it aligns with your personal experiences and business goals.
2. Maintain and build on your current social media strategy, focusing on engagement and content that addresses your avatars’ pain points.
3. Reflect on your personal beliefs’ expression within your professional setting, ensuring alignment with your business ethos.

Remember, the keys are consistency in your business strategies and confidence in your professional decision-making. Keep leveraging your insights into effective content creation and relationship building strategies on social media.