In this session, we discussed your current performance and explored various strategic actions to improve sales and team management. You expressed excitement about having reached a significant sales milestone earlier in the month than ever before, noting a current total of $631.

We reviewed your successes with team leadership, particularly noting how adopting a more supportive and appreciative approach with a team member led to her generating over $300 in sales within two weeks. This change in leadership style was based on advice from a previous coaching session, proving effective in boosting team performance.

A key focus of our discussion was on your online marketing efforts, including the creation of a funnel page and a free style guide to attract and engage customers. You are pleased with the foundational elements being set in place.

We introduced the concept of branding for your business. It’s crucial to begin compiling elements for your branding, such as top quotes, photos (which don’t need to be professionally taken), and color schemes, to create cohesive and branded marketing materials.

The session concluded with setting a clear goal of hitting $1,500 in sales by the end of the month. This entails generating at least $100 in sales each day for the remainder of the month. To achieve this, strategies such as reconnecting with past customers, following up on recent interactions, leveraging referrals, and making full use of promotional opportunities and online engagements were discussed.

The assignment for you is to begin implementing these strategies immediately, maintain daily sales tracking, and continue enhancing your online presence through live broadcasts and strategic posts to engage your audience effectively.

Additionally, the importance of mindset and vision was highlighted; you are encouraged to refine your vision for your business and personal development. This includes setting actionable steps towards becoming the person who aligns with your vision, through practices such as daily journaling to clear mental clutter and focus more effectively on your goals.

Keep up the great work and remember to use these strategies consistently to see continued improvement and growth in your sales and leadership capabilities.