In this session, we discussed the challenges and progress Susan has encountered during the month. Despite setbacks, Susan remains committed to persevering through difficulties. We talked about her milestone of reaching 150 months in Performance Club and her focus on communication with her network, emphasizing the importance of staying connected even with long-uncontacted members.

Susan shared her concerns regarding various ongoing projects, including the completion of her LinkedIn banner and integrating more research and small business information into her work. We discussed strategies for focusing her efforts more effectively, including potentially involving someone to finalize her LinkedIn updates.

The discussion also touched on Susan’s dual focus on both her network marketing and coaching ventures, where it became evident that there seems to be a lack of clear prioritization, which could be scattering her efforts. Susan expressed that while she is passionate about her coaching program development, especially tailored towards women navigating post-divorce challenges, she understands the extensive work required to shift fully into this area.

We explored the potential of utilizing advanced AI tools to streamline and enhance her business networking and lead generation processes, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, which aligns well with her B2B focus.

Towards the end of the session, we emphasized the need for clarity and commitment to a primary focus to ensure the effectiveness of her actions and efforts. Susan agreed on the necessity to initially focus more on her network marketing to align with her immediate business goals and personal circumstances.

Homework for Susan includes:
– Narrowing down her focus to network marketing for the immediate term.
– Contacting Olaf to finalize her LinkedIn banner.
– Preparing a detailed plan for leveraging LinkedIn for business growth, along with ensuring the set-up for the AI-driven sales process.
– Considering the structure of the next month’s social media content and customer engagement strategies.

This session highlighted the crucial decisions Susan needs to make regarding her business focus and the tools she intends to integrate to optimize her network interactions and business growth.