In this session, we discussed the challenges you’ve faced with confidence and your hesitancy to engage in daily video tasks due to past experiences and criticisms. We explored how these experiences have shaped your fear of judgment and how it’s crucial to move past this to achieve your business goals, particularly your ambition to enroll 50 new participants by September.

We addressed the importance of understanding that criticism and misunderstandings are common in business, and it’s essential to communicate authentically without bending to others’ interpretations or criticisms. Emphasis was placed on speaking your truth and managing your inner critic, particularly when this critic hinders your progress towards business goals.

Regarding your pipeline challenges, we talked about re-engaging individuals who have previously shown interest but did not commit, as well as strategies for dealing with new prospects. You recognized the importance of following up more persistently and meaningfully, tailoring your communications to reflect the specific needs and urgencies of those prospects.

Homework for you includes:
– Starting a video challenge to improve your comfort and skills in front of the camera.
– Reflecting on your goals and the reasons for achieving them, not just in business terms but also how it aligns personally and emotionally.
– Reconnect with at least 15 people from your pipeline who have not yet given a firm yes or no, and aim to clarify their stance.

Remember, the goal is not only to increase your visibility and engagement through videos but also to solidify relationships and commitments through targeted follow-ups. This dual approach will help build momentum towards your target of 50 new sign-ups.