In this session, we focused on identifying practical steps to relaunch and invigorate your coaching business with a clear goal of achieving $10,000 by August 30th. We discussed various strategies, including the use of Amazon Affiliate links, email marketing to engage your list of 500 contacts, and leveraging your existing assets such as the affiliate program you are part of.

We also explored the relaunch of your Instagram presence and transitioning your audience from a predominantly male demographic to more engaged potential female clients, particularly divorced moms – your target audience. We discussed creating specific content that appeals to this demographic on platforms like Instagram and TikTok using authentic storytelling to foster connection and engagement.

Homework for the next session includes:
1. Establishing an Amazon affiliate page with recommended products that align with your brand values.
2. Sending a reintroduction email to your list to re-engage your audience and introduce your renewed focus on coaching for divorced moms.
3. Mapping out a content strategy for Instagram that includes value-driven posts and stories to attract and retain the right audience.
4. Continue engaging your current email list with relevant content that connects them to your products and coaching services, focusing on resilience and empowerment.

We will continue to refine these strategies, ensuring they align closely with your business goals and personal values, ensuring a strong relaunch of your coaching practice.