In this session, we discussed the development of a master class program as a condensed 1-hour version of an existing longer course. Concerns were raised about how to differentiate this from other program offerings and how to make it enticing through an effective call to action. Strategies such as offering discounts and providing tangible next steps were suggested.

Further, there was a significant focus on refining the client’s mission statement to make it more engaging and less monotonous. We explored the importance of a clear and compelling mission to attract high-achieving women who wish to overcome self-imposed limitations.

There was also an exploration of defining the niche audience more clearly, emphasizing the importance of communicating effectively to attract the right clients. We touched upon the practical aspects of promotional activities, including leveraging social media for greater visibility and engagement.

Homework assignments for the next session include:
1. Review and possibly re-watch certain instructional content to better understand creating an appealing master class.
2. Draft and refine the mission statement based on our discussion.
3. Begin serious consideration about the specific traits of the niche audience to ensure marketing communications are well-targeted.

Overall, the session was a productive alignment of the client’s program development goals with actionable marketing and content strategies.