In this session, we discussed your progress and the significant shifts you’ve been experiencing personally and in your practice. We highlighted how, compared to when we first started coaching, you are now showing up with vibrant energy and a strong presence despite being unwell. This indicates substantial personal growth and stronger coping mechanisms.

We also touched on the significance of sharing personal stories and struggles to create genuine connections and inspire others. You shared your achievements, such as going live on Facebook to announce your surgery, and managing to send out group messages beforehand to keep your family informed.

An important part of the session was dedicated to discussing your upcoming masterclass and the necessary preparations. It’s vital to inject your personal touch and transform the content to reflect your voice and style, making it relatable to your target audience. We talked about using OpenAI and other tools to fine-tune your content, ensuring it speaks directly to women over 40, combining persuasive and reassuring elements.

Regarding the technical and logistical aspects of your launch, we considered the benefits of a beta version of your course, focusing on extracting key modules that can deliver quick wins for your clients. This entails setting clear, achievable objectives for each session that leads to visible progress and satisfaction among participants.

We reviewed the importance of maintaining personal well-being and managing stress through various techniques such as proper diet, exercise, and mental health practices. You shared valuable insights from your personal experiences and how these practices contribute to your professional output and overall life satisfaction.

Homework for you includes:
1. Refine the masterclass outline incorporating your unique insights and experiences.
2. Begin adapting the course materials using AI tools to align with your voice.
3. Implement the personal well-being practices we discussed, tracking how they affect your daily productivity and mental clarity.

Overall, this session aimed to bolster your confidence in your professional journey and personal health management, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and proactive planning.