In this session, we discussed your incredible growth and the importance of maintaining a businesswoman perspective in your leadership role. You’ve shown significant improvement in consistency and mindset since our partnership began, which has proven to be pivotal in your development. It’s inspiring to see how your team recognizes these changes, embodying the leader they joined to support.

We also revisited your decision in December to fully commit to your business—it’s clear this determination has played a crucial role in your recent successes. Now, with your focus on fostering a supportive culture and community, it’s important to continue nurturing and advancing your team. This includes identifying potential leaders within your team who can move up the ranks and providing them with tailored mentorship to help them grow.

Looking forward, let’s begin mapping out the next steps for your growth, particularly as Black Friday approaches. Think about who in your team could reach ranks 5 and 6, and start preparing them for these advancements. It’s also vital to consider how your leadership evolution is influencing and uplifting your team’s performance.

Lastly, we touched on the importance of attracting and working with high-quality individuals who align with your goals and are willing to invest in their success, rather than just looking for quick gains. Continue to uphold your standards and be selective about who you choose to bring into your organization, ensuring they have the right mindset and dedication.

Homework for next session:
1. Map out potential leaders in your team who could reach ranks 5 and 6.
2. Design a mentorship plan to guide these identified team members, possibly through challenges or regular catch-ups.
3. Reflect on your current branding and consider if it aligns with the high-achieving individuals you aim to attract.

Keep up the fantastic work, Norma. Your dedication and strategic approach are undoubtedly steering your business towards greater heights.