In this session, we discussed Janet’s experiences and challenges with her brand’s evolution, her decision to change virtual assistants for better support in upscaling her business, and her need to focus more deeply on her existing clients rather than expanding further at this moment. Janet expressed that her desire to maintain high service quality has led her to limit new client intake and consider additional coaching support to enhance her skills. Moreover, we covered her plans to start a new, high-ticket group program, aiming to provide a unique value to her elite clientele.

Janet shared her involvement with influential figures, including a coach who is a multi-seven-figure business owner, offering her insights into advanced strategies in branding and marketing, which Janet plans to impart to her clients. We touched on the significance of establishing a strong online presence tailored to her audience’s interests, emphasizing the use of platforms like Canva and Amazon to facilitate excellent content creation and share personal recommendations through an Amazon store.

The session also touched upon Janet’s motivational strategies, discussing how understanding her followers’ interests and needs can lead to better engagement and positioning her as a thought leader. Finally, homework for Janet includes commenting on a specific post as part of her engagement strategy and beginning to structure her Amazon store to reflect her brand’s ethos and style, providing a cohesive and immersive experience for her community.

Overall, the session focused on strategic business moves, emphasizing personal brand development and leveraging digital tools to enhance client engagement and business growth.