In this session, we discussed the upcoming journey to Minneapolis, focusing on preparing financially and strategically. We examined the costs involved with the travel, such as accommodation and flights, and emphasized the importance of planning all expenses by June to ensure readiness for the July event.

We discussed strategies to achieve the necessary funds, primarily through increasing sales within your network. The proposed method involved re-engaging customers who have not ordered in the past three months by informing them of a current promotion that offers a $10 voucher with an order. Additionally, efforts included reaching out to potential new business partners by highlighting upcoming events they could attend, which could be beneficial for expanding their interests and network.

We also touched on the importance of leveraging social media and promotional activities to enhance visibility and engagement. Implementive strategies like using motivational incentives (such as travel vouchers and digital bonuses) and personal outreaches (utilizing personal stories and challenges) could make significant impacts. Another emphasis was on creating engaging video content that aligns with current trends to attract a broader audience on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Overall, the aim is for relentless pursuit and proactive engagement in your business activities and network expansion to ensure you meet your financial goals for the trip and explore potential avenues for business growth.