In this session, we discussed the challenges you are currently facing with your professional identity and self-doubt within your corporate role. We talked about the importance of embracing your authentic self and not trying to conform to the practices or styles of other influential figures within your company, like Kate. It’s clear that you have strong leadership qualities and it’s crucial for you to trust in your own abilities and business acumen.

We also examined the tendency to compare oneself to others and how this comparison is holding you back from reaching your potential. The conversation highlighted your unique strengths as a professional and a closer in business connections, underscoring that these are rare and valuable qualities which should be your primary focus, rather than attempting to mimic others whose methods and personalities differ significantly from your own.

During our discussion, we emphasized the need for you to start leveraging your personal strengths and insights to build your own brand of leadership and influence. We touched on the importance of networking and connecting with high net worth individuals and other significant contacts within your industry in a way that aligns with your authentic professional style.

The session closed with a strong encouragement for you to start projecting your real self in professional settings. The outlined homework is for you to reflect on the personal traits and skills that have contributed to your past successes, and how you can apply these in your current role to overcome feelings of impostor syndrome and build strong, authentic connections.

This summary should help you recall and focus on the critical elements we discussed. Please consider these points closely as they are pivotal in moving towards owning your professional identity more fully and leading with confidence.