In this session, we discussed your recent success in attracting people through consistent daily postings on WhatsApp. Despite not being very active on other social media platforms like Facebook and TikTok, the daily updates on your stories and WhatsApp status have significantly increased visibility and engagement.

We reviewed your current strategies, including reaching out to at least 20 people daily, which shows a commendable effort even though you have yet to hit your target of 50 contacts per day. Your concerns about not being too pushy or overwhelming in your approach, especially on LinkedIn, were shared and understood.

There was a dialogue about the missing email, which it turned out that I might have sent to an incorrect email address previously. I’ve taken note of the correct email this time to ensure you receive all the necessary documents and materials, including subliminals and other supportive content to help enhance your positive outlook and business approach.

Further into our conversation, you expressed your newfound vibrational energy, which you believe is significantly affecting your interactions and drawing more inquiries into your business. We also touched on the importance of affirmations and maintaining a positive mental state by listening to specific frequencies in music that enhance this.

Your involvement in a new networking group is a great step forward, helping you feel less intimidated and more confident in interpersonal interactions despite previous apprehensions.

Homework for you includes continuing to reach out to your network, aiming to increase the daily contact count as comfortably as possible. Additionally, you agreed to draft and refine a direct outreach message that clarifies the nature of your business, which is not related to crypto or forex but is a simple, affordable, and scalable system within the highly regulated South African financial industry.

Please check your email for all the recent sends, and confirm receipt to ensure no communication loss in our future interactions. Remember to listen to the subliminals which could aid in maintaining and elevating your current positive vibrational state. Let me know how these interventions are influencing your interactions and business outcomes.

Looking forward to hearing about your continued progress and any new developments in our next session. Thank you for sharing your experiences and reflections today, which are invaluable for your growth and our coaching journey.