In this session, we focused on expressing genuine emotions and thoughts more clearly in your communication and social media posts. We discussed the importance of trusting your own voice and conveying your message in a way that reflects your true self, without mimicking others’ styles. The challenge of shifting from a constructed online persona to a more authentic expression was highlighted.

**Discussion Points:**
– The importance of communicating in your own voice on social media to connect genuinely with your audience.
– Overcoming fears related to expressing your genuine self and the impact of this on your personal and professional growth.

**Questions and Answers:**
– We clarified questions about the correct approach to creating social media content that genuinely reflects your personal tone and style.
– Discussed strategies for aligning your communication with your true self rather than adapting to assumed expectations.

1. Voice record your thoughts on topics before writing them down to ensure the authenticity of the language and to maintain your personal voice in writing.
2. Reflect on instances where you felt the need to adapt your style to others’ expectations and journal about these experiences to explore your feelings and the reasons behind these adaptations.

**Noteworthy Discussion Points:**
– Emphasized the need for authenticity in your interactions and communications to foster genuine connections and engagement.
– Encouraged embracing vulnerability in expressing genuine concerns and thoughts, reinforcing that your authentic voice is your strength.