In this session, we discussed your current progress and challenges. You shared that despite your continuous effort, you haven’t been able to implement one of the strategies I previously suggested, which involved messaging a women’s group with a specific engagement question related to your social media planner offering. You planned to post this proposition in your stories and the women’s group tonight.

We reviewed the content of the message you prepared to promote your social media planner, which promises a significant increase in engagement, assuring money back if the promised results are not achieved. You were enthusiastic about sharing this in the women’s group and felt prepared to post it to your story as well.

Further into the conversation, you expressed some frustration about not getting expected outcomes from certain actions but also recognized the importance of continuing to market effectively despite these setbacks. We discussed the impact of maintaining a positive mindset about money and decisions affecting your business’s energy and cash flow.

For your homework, I encouraged you to:
1. Reflect on your relationship with money and decision-making processes, identifying how these might be impacting your business.
2. Implement the engagement proposition in your social media stories and the women’s group, and observe the responses to understand the audience’s reception and gather insights for future strategies.

I also urged you to maintain a positive outlook, focusing on your goals and the steps needed to achieve them, rather than being hindered by short-term setbacks. This approach will help you stay aligned with your objectives and keep your energy directed towards productive activities. We concluded the session by planning to focus on the next steps in your marketing strategy, addressing any ongoing challenges, and reinforcing the importance of mindset in achieving business success.