In this session, we discussed the recent progress and challenges you are facing. You shared that you have gathered 25 quotes and pictures for your project, which is a significant achievement. We also talked about the importance of confirming the colors for your business materials, which seemed to have been a point of confusion previously.

A key discussion point was the completion of a form necessary for progressing your business. This form requires the quotes you mentioned, which need to be typed in to ensure they are accessible to multiple parties involved in your business processes.

Additionally, there was a brief exchange about launching a book which is now live and available. This represents another milestone in your ventures that you’ve successfully achieved.

For your homework, you are expected to continue with your tasks of gathering and organizing content (quotes and images) and ensure the forms for your business are appropriately filled out and submitted on time. This will assist in keeping your business affairs structured and moving forward efficiently.

By the next session, please reconfirm the details that were discussed, notably around business colors and form completion, to solidify your understanding and execution of these tasks. Keep up with the proactive communication and updates on your progress as these are crucial for consistent development and meeting deadlines.