In this session, we discussed the concept of “problem aware” posts in the context of social media strategy, with the intent to reflect these themes in further posts for broadening reach and engagement. We touched on arranging posts to respond to specific audience needs and building on those with educational content.

We explored handling social media posts when they don’t proceed as planned, agreeing that flexibility in scheduling is acceptable. Attention was given to engaging with these posts to maintain momentum despite scheduling shifts.

A significant part of our discussion focused on leveraging personal milestones (like the release of a book) to foster engagement and personal connection on social platforms. Further, the conversation ventured into the practicalities of content creation, including resource management and strategic alignment of content with marketing goals using Canva as a tool for creating visually engaging content.

Homework assigned includes:
1. Creating a “problem aware” post that reflects a deep understanding of the target audience’s challenges.
2. Mapping out a framework for using Canva for planned posts, focusing on aligning these with broader strategic goals and ensuring they address clearly defined audience objectives.
3. Engaging with a newly published personal milestone to understand audience interaction and gather feedback.

This session highlighted the importance of aligning content creation with strategic marketing goals and the benefits of responsive and planned content scheduling to maximize audience engagement and marketing effectiveness.