In this session, we focused on various aspects to bolster your business and personal development. We discussed your recent trips and achievements, including your weight loss despite the indulgences of the trips, which is commendable.

We explored your business performance, noting a slight dip in your recent earnings due to prioritization issues. Key to our discussion was the realignment of your priorities to ensure better performance in the upcoming months. We outlined your commitment towards qualifying for a business trip by July 31st, emphasizing the need for you to recruit 12 VIP customers and 8 market partners. To achieve this, we planned to leverage social media, host and participate in customer events, and revisit past leads.

We also discussed expanding your network through various channels, including reaching out to realtors to tap into their networks. Importantly, we talked about the significance of imagining and feeling your success vividly, as a motivational tool to keep pushing towards your goals.

Your homework involves implementing the strategies we talked about: increasing activity and visibility on social platforms, engaging in networking events, and possibly offering a unique promotion or incentive to attract more VIP customers and partners.

Finally, we emphasized the importance of maintaining a consistent follow-up routine with prospects and existing contacts to keep the momentum going in your business. Keep focusing on providing value in all interactions and remember to envision your success actively, as these are crucial steps towards achieving your goals.

Looking forward to our next session to review progress and adjust strategies as necessary.