In this session, we discussed your recent successes and set goals for upcoming activities. You shared that Ruby Ribbon last month was particularly successful with minimal effort on your part, due to an effective email campaign you set up. This success has motivated you in achieving your broader objectives, including personal sales goals and a leadership position with the potential financial and leisure rewards it entails.

We also touched on your enthusiasm for the upcoming women’s empowerment retreat you’ve organized for September, titled “Uncover Your Awesome.” This initiative marks a significant achievement in your planning and will be promoted once the marketing graphics are completed.

In terms of recruitment for your team, you mentioned the need for either one high-level L5 trainer or two mid-tier trainers to achieve your 100K sales goal. This is crucial for your strategy moving forward as you’ve lined up several events this month that could be potential opportunities for recruitment.

Additionally, we discussed your promotional strategies, particularly your participation in online coaching groups to increase your visibility and network. You noted the challenges and successes you’ve encountered in these spaces, recognizing the importance of engaging effectively to convert contacts into leads or recruits.

For your next steps, you’ve decided to further leverage online platforms by frequently posting and participating in relevant groups, aiming to attract suitable candidates for your training programs. You are also contemplating this approach to support your broader entrepreneurial activities, including your empowerment retreat and other leadership and sales efforts.

Overall, your focus seems well-divided between managing your successful Ruby Ribbon campaign, preparing for your empowerment retreat, and strategically recruiting and nurturing your team to meet sales goals. This balance appears pivotal in steering your business towards substantial growth in the coming months.