In this session, we discussed celebrating successes and learning to accept outcomes positively, even when they fall short of expectations. The conversation highlighted a particularly successful month in terms of sales, mentioned as your biggest month this year without significant discounts, which marked a shift in business strategy from relying on price cuts to adding value and quality to the offerings.

Key points of discussion involved:
– The importance of detachment from immediate results and focusing more on inner work and self-reflection. Journaling was recommended as a beneficial tool in this context.
– The significance of connecting with existing customers, noting that most of your new sales came from existing clients interested in refreshing their purchases. This led to the implementation of a referral system to encourage satisfied customers to spread the word about their positive experiences.
– The power of learning and adapting to not center your sales strategy on discounts but rather on the value and quality of the products.

A strategy was suggested involving outreach to professional stylists and leveraging platforms like LinkedIn to reach corporate women, aligning the product offerings more closely with market segments that value quality over price. The concept of a styling workshop was also brought up to potentially showcase your products.

You were assigned homework to start reaching out to professional stylists for potential collaborations and referrals. Creating more targeted lead magnets, like a beginner’s guide to styling, to build an email list and connect more effectively with potential customers was also suggested.

I recommended focusing on refined marketing messages and strategies that reflect high-quality, value-driven propositions to attract professional and corporate clients who are less concerned about price and more about product quality and brand alignment.