In this session, you shared a significant conversation you had with Sarah, which sparked a significant rethink about your career path. You discussed the surprising suggestion from Sarah about coaching brick-and-mortar businesses, given your extensive experience in business. This suggestion led you to a profound reflection about potentially expanding your coaching focus, despite initial doubts and fears about your qualifications and the new direction.

We discussed the importance of aligning your career with what genuinely interests you, not just what you’re accustomed to or skilled in. This conversation illuminated the need for you to explore and potentially embrace areas outside your current focus that might align more closely with your skills and background in business management.

Your feelings of being overwhelmed and unsure were addressed, highlighting the common difficulty in evaluating our capabilities objectively. We noted the need for external validation and how this impacts your career decisions, and how recognizing your skills and values independently of external opinions is crucial.

1. Consider the potential shift in your coaching career towards business consulting, weighing your interest and the alignment with your skills.
2. Start by defining what aspects of business consulting could excite you and how they relate to what you’ve been doing.
3. Engage in some exploratory research into what business consulting entails, especially in sectors relevant to your experience.

This session aimed to harness the unexpected insights from your conversation with Sarah as a catalyst for professional growth and self-evaluation. The overarching goal is for you to find a career path that not only utilizes your skills but also fulfills you personally.