In this session, we discussed your recent achievements and plans concerning your business and use of LinkedIn. You shared your excitement about reaching a milestone of 150 months in the Performance Club and your strategy to focus on LinkedIn for further business growth. After recent training, you expressed a renewed motivation to maintain discipline in your work habits, including starting fresh with new notebooks for goal tracking.

We noted the importance of systematizing your approach, and you mentioned listening to motivational frequencies and exploring subliminals as tools to maintain momentum.

A significant part of our conversation revolved around utilizing LinkedIn effectively for networking and building your business. You’ve already started taking steps towards this by cleaning up your LinkedIn messages and scheduling meetings, a practice you used to do regularly. You’re planning to use the platform intentionally by reconnecting with previous connections and leveraging LinkedIn for its networking capabilities, especially in targeting specific professional groups like those in Florida or real estate sectors.

Furthermore, you are considering running regular masterclasses on LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought leader and to provide valuable content to your network. This would also involve educating your audience, particularly business owners, on legal and business practices essential for their operations.

Homework for the next session includes:
1. Continue refining your approach to LinkedIn by reconnecting with your contacts and possibly setting up informational content or masterclasses.
2. Gather and send statistics on your social media reach and engagement as a measure of your progress and impact.

Lastly, let’s aim for achieving 300 in the Performance Club by leveraging the strategies discussed, with an intermediate goal of reaching 150 by the middle of the month.