In this session, we discussed various aspects related to your initiatives when working and promoting your teams and strategies. You shared valuable insights into your efforts to promote through affiliate marketing and the positive changes you’ve noticed, such as significantly improved commissions.

We covered the importance of planning ahead for marketing, especially regarding the seasonal fluctuations. You’re actively preparing for your upcoming family vacation by scheduling content and completing work tasks to ensure continuity in your absence. This proactive approach will allow you to focus fully on your time off, knowing that business operations continue smoothly.

You also highlighted your strategy for the summer months, which involves planting seeds early to carry through the slower periods. This foresight is crucial for maintaining momentum and traction in your business.

Furthermore, we touched on your experience with influencers and affiliates, noting a shift in their performance which seems to benefit from a less pressured engagement compared to promoters. This has led to a strategic focus on recruitment and maintenance of these relationships, which appear to be more effective in driving your business forward under the current model.

Homework for you includes focusing on refining and expanding your affiliate dealings, utilizing your understanding of market dynamics to nurture and grow this aspect of your business actively. Keep leveraging the seasonal marketing strategies that align with the slower and peak periods, ensuring you’re optimizing efforts to maximize outputs during high activity months.

Looking forward to our next session, we’ll dive deeper into how the adjustments in affiliate marketing are impacting the broader scope of your goals and review the progress on the strategies we’ve discussed today. Keep an eye on how your team engages with these new methods and continue to adapt your approach based on their feedback and performance.

Take care until our next meeting, and keep up the fantastic work with your team and personal progression in marketing strategies!