In this session, we discussed overcoming feelings of imposter syndrome and the strategies to consistently portray a confident and authoritative image in your professional life. It was noted that despite not meeting a previously set financial target before starting to coach, the progress made thus far still sets you ahead of many others. The importance of posting consistently to platforms like LinkedIn, where less than 1% post daily, was emphasized along with the value of speaking directly and authentically to your target audience to stand out and attract engagement.

We explored the challenge of maintaining a ‘next level’ version of oneself throughout the day. Strategies such as setting regular alarms for brief moments of connection with your aspirational self, sticking with personal development routines, and utilizing mood boards were all suggested. Additionally, the concept of embedding affirmations and cues in everyday environments, such as through screensavers or sticky notes, was discussed to help keep the elevated mindset front and center.

Furthermore, the dialogue highlighted how imposter syndrome functions as a normal but challenging part of growth, where your brain tries to keep you safe by adhering to what’s familiar. The session provided encouragement to continue pushing through resistance by constantly reminding yourself of your capabilities and the value you provide.

Lastly, there was a conversation about your upcoming networking opportunities, underscoring the importance of these events for connecting with the community and leveraging personal backgrounds for business growth. The session wrapped up with plans to utilize materials like subliminals and vision boards more effectively and the mention of a potential retreat in Queensland, aiming for new strategic initiatives.

Assigned Homework:
– Start setting up alarms throughout the day to reconnect with your ‘next level version.’
– Create and utilize a mood board that visually represents your aspirational self. Place this in a prominent place where you will see it often.
– Continue with your plan to post on social media during the upcoming networking events and begin integrating the discussed strategies into your daily routines.