In this session, we discussed the challenges you faced in completing your content tasks due to personal obligations and feelings of exhaustion. You expressed feelings of failure due to these unmet goals, but a reframing perspective was discussed on how to move forward despite setbacks.

We further explored your intentions of better time management, particularly concerning your commitment to content planning which often gets disrupted by work and personal demands. A conversation also ensued about your attendance at a training session, where you were inspired by speakers, prompting you to reflect on identifying your expertise and how you can serve your niche more effectively. This reflection led to recognizing the need for consistency in your social media content to improve your business outcomes.

Moreover, the coaching session delved into your personal aspirations and self-perceptions as a professional, encountering emotional challenges, especially from your nursing career witnessing patient deaths and medically assisted suicide. The emotional toll from such experiences was acknowledged, with discussions on how these aspects could be motivating factors in redefining and focusing on your coaching business.

Key points that emerged included:
– The importance of consistency in social media activity to establish your brand and attract the right clientele.
– Insight into your specialty areas and how to communicate these effectively to resonate with potential clients.
– Strategies for personal and emotional management, especially in decompressing from the stressful experiences in your nursing career.

Homework assigned included:
– Embrace content creation by starting with introductory videos where you share your journey and expertise without immediately pushing for sales, aiming to build trust and rapport.
– Reflect on and start journaling about the limiting beliefs and challenges you encountered, using these insights to fuel your content creation and personal development.

It’s essential that you begin implementing the discussed strategies, particularly around consistent content creation, to set the foundation for attracting and serving your niche effectively.