In this session, we discussed your recent business performance and potential strategies moving forward. You mentioned that despite some setbacks, such as delays in product releases, May was not as bad as anticipated with a total revenue of $318,000 US. This reflects a resilience in your team’s performance amid fluctuating conditions. We also touched on your planned holiday and the logistical shifts within your company, highlighting changes in virtual assistance and target set for the new hire.

We explored questions about managing a growing team and expectations on product availability, which seem to be impacting customer sentiment and sales dynamics. Your proactive approach in booking a holiday after navigating these business challenges reflects a balanced perspective on work-life harmony, which is commendable.

For your homework, I’d recommend you delve into the book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” to gain insights into self-improvement and reflective practices that can enhance both personal and business endeavors. Additionally, consider revising the financial set-up of your business as you move into the new financial year to address potential revenue leaks and improve profitability.

In summary, continue to monitor your business metrics closely, engage with new logistical strategies to improve product delivery predictably, and maintain a balanced approach to personal well-being and professional commitments. Your resilience and proactive adjustments are key to navigating the upcoming changes effectively.