In this session, we discussed your current focus on achieving your goals and the strategies to help you get there. We specifically talked about your upcoming trip and what needs to be accomplished by the end of July. You are mainly focusing on acquiring new customers by offering them a chance to be your “shampoo model,” which involves using specific products for demonstrative and educational purposes. Additionally, you mentioned possibly reaching out to hairdressers and beauty salons to introduce them to the products as a potential new revenue stream.

We also touched upon leveraging your network for potential business partners and how you could use introductions from respected individuals within your network to broaden your reach. Another valuable strategy discussed was using social media platforms strategically, such as posting in specific Facebook groups, to attract local attendees to events or find individuals interested in joining as business partners or customers.

You have the goal of getting 11 more customers and 8 more business partners. Suggestions were made to possibly host a virtual hair care session, where participants would purchase the products needed, and you would guide them through the process of using the products effectively. This approach is expected to drive product sales while providing real value through personalized guidance.

For further action, you are encouraged to reach out proactively to various connections and even cold contacts, reiterating the importance of following up consistently. There’s an emphasis on maintaining high energy and persistence, reflecting on past successes when you adopted a vibrant, go-getter attitude to meet your goals. Additionally, consider asking questions that invite network connections to refer others who might be interested, thereby possibly opening new doors to opportunities.

Overall, keep pushing forward with the strategies we’ve discussed, stay engaged with your network, and leverage all available channels to maximize your reach and impact.