In this session, we discussed several key topics impacting your professional and personal growth, specifically focusing on communication, teamwork, and social media presence.

We reviewed your current engagements and ongoing projects, notably the challenges you face with a particular colleague in organizing network events. It’s evident that navigating this working relationship, especially with gender dynamics and cultural nuances, is proving challenging. The suggestion to distribute speaking and organizational responsibilities more equitably at events was agreed to be a potential step forward.

Regarding social media presence, we emphasized the importance of a robust LinkedIn profile to enhance your professional credibility and reach. Upcoming is a master class specifically tailored for creating impactful LinkedIn profiles, which I strongly recommend participating in.

Lastly, regarding the organization of network events, we discussed strategies to maintain professionalism and inclusivity, ensuring that female voices are also represented in leadership roles and public speaking opportunities. It’s imperative to present a diverse group of speakers at each event to resonate with a broader audience and demonstrate that the opportunity is available to all, irrespective of gender or background.

Homework for the next session includes:
1. Implement changes to your LinkedIn profile as discussed.
2. Begin engaging more actively on LinkedIn to enhance your professional network.
3. Prepare for and participate in the LinkedIn master class to refine your approach.
4. Continue to monitor and adapt your communication strategy with your colleague to ensure equitable task distribution in event management.

Continue to reflect on these discussions and how they align with your goals. The ability to adapt to feedback and new roles will be crucial as you progress in your professional endeavors.