In this session, we discussed various aspects of improving engagement and conversion through social media strategies, particularly focusing on content structure and targeted messaging. The client expressed uncertainty about the effectiveness of her recent social media efforts, particularly in relation to a social media post geared towards women, which mimicked a successful format observed on other posts.

Key points:
– We explored the importance of clear and targeted messaging in social media posts to attract the intended audience effectively.
– The conversation covered the use of money-back guarantees as a persuasive tool, which seems to resonate well with the audience by lowering the perceived risk.
– The client was advised to leverage these guarantees in follow-up communications to potentially convert leads who are on the fence.

Homewise assignments:
– The client is encouraged to implement the targeted post structure more consistently to assess its effectiveness over multiple posts.
– A recommendation was made to conduct live video sessions on social platforms to increase engagement and establish authenticity, aiming for sessions that last around 10-15 minutes to provide micro-education.

Noteworthy discussion points:
– There was a significant focus on follow-up strategies and the potential losses from inadequate follow-up practices. The client recognized the need to be more persistent and timely with follow-ups to maximize conversions.
– The client reflected on the need for a balance between work and personal time, indicating the upcoming summer as a period to potentially recalibrate and optimize her time management.

By the next coaching session, the client aims to integrate these strategies and observe their impact on engagement and conversion rates, with a particular focus on utilizing live videos and structured posts effectively. We also discussed setting a quantifiable goal for new sign-ups as a concrete measure of progress.