In this session, we discussed targeting strategies on LinkedIn, particularly focusing on attracting higher-end professional women, a demographic aligned with your business goals. We emphasized leveraging LinkedIn as a tool to connect with corporate professionals who could benefit from your offerings due to their disposable income and professional status.

Key discussion points included:
– The potential of using LinkedIn as an additional “salesperson” that works autonomously alongside your social media efforts.
– The importance of tailoring social media strategies to address the specific needs and contexts of your target audience, such as corporate women versus stay-at-home moms.

Assigned Homework:
– Familiarize yourself with LinkedIn: Identify and connect with professional women, investigate relevant groups, and engage in conversations to understand and add value based on their dialogues and needs.
– Prepare for a strategic “game planning” session in our next call based on your LinkedIn research and networking progress.

Noteworthy Discussion Points:
– Addressed questions about presenting yourself authentically on social media and the importance of using authentic language that reflects your personal and business ethos, rather than relying heavily on polished, professional jargon that might not resonate with your target audience.
– Encouraged embracing your role as a business owner and overcoming imposter syndrome by recognizing and asserting your expertise and experience.
– Announced a forthcoming master class on LinkedIn to further enhance your skills and refine your approach, emphasizing the platform’s pivotal role in reaching high-net-worth individuals who are less active on platforms like Facebook.

Final Thoughts:
Continue to leverage your personal experiences and intuitive business insights as you refine your online presence. Maintaining authenticity while strategically positioning yourself will foster deeper connections and engagement with your target demographic. Reflect on these insights as you engage on LinkedIn, and utilize the upcoming master class to solidify your understanding and skills.