In this session, we discussed the progress and challenges related to your grief coaching and certification plans. We covered the incredible potential of your certification program to impact various industries, including funeral homes, hospice care, veterinarians, and even medical professionals who often carry their own unresolved grief. We explored how this could be structured to allow significant scalability, while still ensuring the integrity and credibility of the certification are maintained.

Key points discussed included:
– The importance of creating an irresistible offer that communicates the value and unique aspects of your certification.
– Possible structures for certification assessment to ensure scalability, possibly by incorporating digital testing and reducing the one-on-one assessment components unless absolutely required by accreditation bodies.
– Extending your certification’s impact by targeting different professions and industries where grief support could be greatly beneficial.
– The need to reach out to the accreditation body to clarify the minimum requirements for certifying participants to allow you to scale effectively without compromising the quality of the certification.

For homework, please:
1. Outline a restructured plan for how the certification could be scaled using digital assessments and periodic group assessments instead of one-on-one sessions.
2. Contact the accreditation body to discuss the possibility of altering the assessment requirements to better accommodate the potential growth of your certification program.

This will prepare you to meet the growing interest and need for specialized grief support across various fields, potentially simplifying your involvement in direct assessments while maintaining high standards.