In this session, we discussed an inspiring encounter Ellen had on a plane with a man struggling with his health. The conversation with God that urged her to give the man her card and offer help was a significant event for Ellen, who felt she was acting on divine instruction.

We also touched on Ellen’s recent training experience where she felt connections made there were divinely intended, reinforcing her conviction in her current path. This segued into a discussion about recognizing signs that confirm one’s chosen path and the importance of trusting in these signs.

Ellen also recounted another instance where she felt led by the Holy Spirit to speak to someone about their health, which she courageously did despite initial hesitations. This act of obedience brought her a profound sense of purpose and alignment.

Further, we reviewed Ellen’s business strategies and her efforts in messaging and recruitment, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity in conversations to avoid burnout. Ellen shared her innovative plans for recruiting and mentoring potential team members, aiming for more depth and quality in her team interactions.

We decided to focus on setting realistic goals for Ellen, like aiming for 20K a month by gathering a key team of five members and focusing on event-to-event planning. There was also a conversation about leveraging her experiences and offerings to present her business as high value with mentorship opportunities, which could become a convincing point for potential recruits.

The overarching theme of the session was the importance of aligning actions with one’s spiritual and professional callings, and being open to the signs that confirm one’s path. Ellen was encouraged to continue nurturing her relationships and leveraging her successes to foster a supportive and thriving team environment.