In this session, we discussed your impressive progress towards your sales goal this month. You’ve nearly reached $1,388 of your $1,500 target, which is a fantastic achievement. We also explored the reasons behind this success, primarily your improved connection with customers through messaging, leading to higher average orders.

You’ve noticed that customers are now more comfortable purchasing multiple items in a single transaction, demonstrating trust and perceived value in the products. This shift has encouraged you to increase your monthly sales goal to $2,000. Moreover, you mentioned a peak performance period where you almost hit $2,500, indicating your potential to exceed even the new target.

A key part of our conversation revolved around the importance of positioning and perceived value of products. You shared insights on consumer behavior, noting that customers are now buying based on value rather than just price. This shift is crucial for justifying premium pricing and can be leveraged by showcasing product applications in real-life scenarios, like summertime outfits.

For homework, focus on re-engaging with clients in your pipeline who showed interest but weren’t ready to purchase previously. Use visual content to demonstrate how your products can fit into seasonal wardrobes, potentially increasing engagement and conversion. Also, prepare to use client testimonials and successful case examples more actively in your promotions to build trust and demonstrate the value.

Additionally, consider enhancing your professional development by exploring styling courses and resources to increase your credibility and sales effectiveness. This could include online courses from platforms like Masterclass, where fashion icons share their expertise.

Finally, let’s set a clear action step for the immediate future: Please follow up with at least ten clients from your pipeline and update me on the outcomes. Keep pushing the boundaries of your sales strategy by incorporating value-based selling and strategic follow-ups. Well done on your progress, and let’s use these insights to hit your new goal!