In this session, we focused on several aspects of launching and refining your coaching business. You expressed concerns about your daily method of operation (DMo) being inconsistent and debilitating at times. We discussed the importance of creating and maintaining a system that keeps you on track, particularly when reaching out and connecting with potential clients.

You shared an incident where you felt overwhelmed and began applying for jobs, reflecting a moment of self-doubt about your coaching path. However, you recognized that this response was a temporary escape from dealing with the discomfort of establishing a consistent routine for your coaching business.

We also explored your realization that you lacked a structured system for initiating conversations with potential business contacts, which is crucial for your growth and sustainability in the coaching industry. It was discussed how you could leverage existing relationships and strategically build new ones by providing value first, avoiding a sales-first approach which feels unauthentic to you.

Homework for you includes:
1. Developing a structured system for initiating and managing new business contacts.
2. Refining your daily operations to ensure consistency and effectiveness, potentially revisiting and integrating elements that have worked for you in the past.
3. Testing out the reach-out strategies we discussed, like commenting on potential clients’ stories to subtly make your presence known.

Noteworthy discussion points were about grappling with the inconsistent nature of self-driven work, recognizing when you’re spiraling and finding practical steps to regain focus, and the importance of systematic networking in building your coaching business.