In this session, we discussed the challenges and distractions that have been impacting your business focus, especially your tendency to let personal and minor tasks overshadow your revenue-generating activities. We also highlighted the importance of being proactive in communication and messaging to maintain business momentum.

1. **Discussion Points:**
– We addressed the need for better time management to avoid letting less important tasks, such as updating your LinkedIn banner, take precedence over your business activities.
– We explored the challenges you face with distraction, especially family matters, and how they have affected your business operations.
– You shared insights on stepping up and being more vocal, which is an important aspect of leadership and self-expression in your business environment.

2. **Questions and Answers:**
– You questioned why you allow distractions to dominate, and we explored the reasons behind this, emphasizing the need to focus on what truly drives the business forward.

3. **Homework/Action Items:**
– **Immediate Action:** I instructed you to start sending out messages immediately to re-engage with your network and kickstart your business activities.
– **Medium-Term Goal:** By the time our next contract starts, I want you to have developed a stronger habit of prioritization and focus, aiming to double your business volume as discussed.
– **Long-Term Goal:** Preparation for significant business growth to ensure readiness and eligibility for achieving higher ranks and recognition within your organization.

4. **Noteworthy Discussion Points:**
– We discussed your realization that taking on leadership roles and being vocal are key elements that had been overlooked but are essential for your growth and visibility in the business.
– The idea of self-sabotage through distraction was touched upon, with a focus on identifying and overcoming these limiting beliefs.
– Emphasized the necessity of treating your business seriously and with the dedication it deserves, matching the actions of top performers in your field.

Overall, this session aimed to recenter your focus on essential business activities and reduce the impact of distractions. It’s crucial to maintain this focus to achieve the professional goals you’ve set for yourself, especially as you prepare for upcoming personal commitments. Remember to report back this weekend once you hit the Performance Club target, as this will be a significant indicator of your renewed focus and commitment.