In this session, we discussed the recent event that you organized, which was a success with both laughter and tears. You expressed your gratitude for the support received, even in your speeches during the event. You also mentioned the extensive effort you put into the event and the responsibilities you tackled the next day.

We touched on your ongoing struggle to balance your coaching duties with your real estate business and personal aspirations. Your feelings of being overwhelmed with wanting to accomplish multiple goals simultaneously were evident, and you’re seeking strategies to manage these challenges better.

A significant portion of our discussion revolved around your real estate work. You mentioned missing out on prospecting due to time constraints affecting your payments. You recognized the need to monetize your extensive real estate knowledge strategically to create additional income streams, which can provide you more financial flexibility and reduce direct workload over time.

We also discussed the importance of establishing and maintaining a personal brand in the real estate industry. This includes consistently posting valuable content on social media to build trust and credibility. For your homework, focus on drafting the titles for every module of your course and start recording the welcome module. Additionally, begin enhancing your social presence by sharing your real estate expertise and tips daily.