In this session, we discussed the numerous personal challenges and upcoming changes in your life, including Maddie’s arrival, Tara’s niece’s visit, and your mother-in-law moving in. You expressed the impact these changes might have on your routines and commitments.

We revisited your business goals, particularly your aim to rank up within your district by the end of the month. You shared your strategy to achieve this, involving selling product sets valued at $800 QV each. Additionally, you are considering attending a conference in Las Vegas, which might now be virtual due to your packed schedule.

A significant part of our discussion focused on maintaining consistency despite these disruptions. You mentioned needing to sell more product sets to meet your target, and we brainstormed potential clients and strategies to increase your sales, such as leveraging your old client list and utilizing new promotional opportunities.

To help manage the complexities of your situation, we agreed on the importance of setting clear and achievable goals for the upcoming months. You recognized the need to refine your approach to daily tasks and client interactions to keep progressing towards your goals despite potential distractions.

As for homework, you will focus on:
1. Implementing the daily minimums and consistency strategies we discussed.
2. Leveraging the upcoming product promotions and personal connections to boost your rankings.
3. Preparing for the potential shift to virtual participation in the Las Vegas conference.

Keep nurturing your network and maintaining your drive towards your business goals amidst personal life changes. Stay focused on the daily activities that will lead to long-term success, and keep your upcoming family commitments in mind as you plan your schedule.