In this session, we focused on strategies to improve your video and podcasting business. We acknowledged your current income from one-on-one client engagements and strategized on how to scale towards your 40k monthly goal.

We discussed expanding your product offerings, including one-on-one sessions, the ’30 Day Confidence on Camera’ program, and ’14 Day YouTube’ program, emphasizing the use of video content to bolster client engagement and attract more leads.

One notable point was refining your program offerings to attract specific client segments such as female entrepreneurs who are introverted but established in their business, thus aligning your services more closely with their specific needs and challenges.

We brainstormed using social media, particularly video content and group engagements, to amplify your visibility and authority in the industry. By being active in relevant Facebook groups and consistently posting valuable content aligned with your services, you can draw more potential clients to your offerings.

Your homework is to implement the discussed social media framework to regularly post content that establishes your expertise and to engage actively in Facebook groups where your potential clients are present. Additionally, consider refining your program offerings to ensure they speak directly to the pain points and aspirations of your target audience.

Our next steps will focus on continuing to refine your outreach strategies and monitor the effectiveness of changes in engagement from your online presence.