In this session, we discussed strategies for managing multiple social media platforms and engaging effectively with your audience. We addressed the feeling of being overwhelmed by social media management and engagement activities like DMs.

Key Discussion Points:
1. **Social Media Strategy**: You shared your current approach of creating content primarily on Instagram and repurposing it across Facebook and TikTok. You also expressed concerns about incorporating LinkedIn into your strategy and whether it aligns with your goals.

2. **Engagement Struggles**: You mentioned feeling overwhelmed by the need to perform engagement tasks like responding to likes and comments, and initiating DMs.

3. **Platform Focus and Content Strategy**: We explored the idea of concentrating efforts on platforms where your target audience is most active. You expressed an inclination toward LinkedIn due to its professional network, suggesting it might be suitable for promoting aspects like coaching services.

4. **Acknowledging Efforts**: Recognized the challenges in maintaining engagement and consistency across platforms. We discussed the importance of gratitude responses to followers and exploring direct messaging for deeper connections.

Homework and Next Steps:
1. **Research and Define Focus**: Investigate where your target audience is most active, considering your niche in coaching and empowerment. Determine whether LinkedIn or other platforms serve your goals better.
2. **Streamline Engagement Tasks**: Create a manageable daily schedule for engagements like responding to comments and DMs. Consider using social media management tools to help streamline these tasks.
3. **Content Strategy Development**: Continue focusing on creating valuable content on your preferred platform and repurpose it thoughtfully, ensuring it aligns with the platform’s context (LinkedIn vs. Instagram).
4. **Monitor and Adjust**: Keep an eye on the performance of posts and engagements across platforms. Be ready to adjust your strategies based on what is most effective.

For your next steps, focus on evaluating your presence on LinkedIn and consider if a shift in your platform focus is needed based on where your audience engages the most. Also, start implementing a structured daily routine for managing social media responses and engagements to reduce overwhelm.