In this session, we discussed your recent coaching experiences with your Beta clients, particularly focusing on their breakthroughs and challenges. We explored strategies for boundary setting and managing stressful situations, using tools like the “Wheel of Life” to identify areas needing attention in your clients’ lives.

We also touched upon the importance of self-care, especially working a high-stress job, and how to decompress effectively. Additionally, there was an emphasis on reassessing friendships and personal relationships to better align with one’s life segments, as outlined in the “Wheel of Life.”

Moreover, we considered the possibility of expanding your skills through additional courses to enhance your coaching effectiveness, particularly in ministering to women as part of your calling. We reaffirmed the significance of these pursuits in light of past affirmations and the clear signs that this direction aligns with your intended path.

1. Continue utilizing the “Wheel of Life” with clients to help them visualize and balance their priorities.
2. Experiment with strategies to help your clients decompress after work, tailoring methods to their unique circumstances.
3. Consider enrolling in the suggested course to broaden your coaching toolkit, ensuring alignment with your ministry goals.

Remember to approach each session as an opportunity to enact change that resonates not just on a personal level for your clients but also supports their broader lifestyle adjustments. This holistic approach is key to the transformative impact you aim to achieve in your coaching practice.