In this session, we discussed your approach to integrating a “call to action” in your social media posts by observing strategies that successful people employ, such as adding Instagram handles and clear instructions. This observation led you to prepare several options to enhance engagement across your content.

We addressed the importance of income-generating activities over merely creating branding content. You mentioned that you’ve been proactive in managing your subscription services, an essential part of your income strategy. However, the discussion emphasized the need to intensify efforts in direct income-generating activities.

Your focus seems to have shifted slightly more towards Instagram rather than Facebook, mainly because of the challenges you’ve faced with integration between the two platforms. You also indicated the need to enhance your posting frequency to build a noticeable business presence online.

A significant portion of the conversation revolved around setting clear financial goals and the steps needed to achieve them. You intend to work backwards from your goal, breaking it down into monthly and daily targets. However, a sense of urgency and consistent action in your business activities was highlighted as critical.

Homework for you includes:
1. Utilize the “tracker” you mentioned to monitor your activities and ensure they align with your goals.
2. Watch the replay of the session to reinforce the strategies we discussed.
3. Improve your social media activity by posting more consistently and engaging in direct conversations that could lead to sales.

This session aimed to refocus your efforts on strategic activities that contribute to your primary goal of earning consistently and significantly through your business. Despite the challenges, the potential for progress is clear, provided there is consistent action and a shift towards prioritizing income-generating tasks.