In this session, we discussed the recent events and updates regarding your coaching goals and strategies. We opened with some background on managing travel changes and small personal anecdotes before quickly pivoting to more pressing business matters.

We delved into the specifics of your coaching business, particularly focusing on the ways you’ve been handling different client situations. For instance, your strategic approaches with a Sydney client highlighted your sharp acumen in identifying business potential and crafting tailored coaching plans.

We also explored your expanding coaching techniques and the broader impact of physical interactions on business relationships compared to virtual ones. The discussion touched on your plans to increase pricing for a specific client due to the high potential you’ve identified in their established business.

You reflected significantly on recent coaching successes, plans, and lessons, mentioning how these experiences shaped your coaching perspective and methodologies. We discussed how these insights are being applied in your current client engagements.

Further, you brought up concerns and strategic thoughts about your digital presence, social media engagement, and content strategies, particularly about livestreaming, posting frequency, and audience engagement strategies. There was a particular focus on LinkedIn and leveraging this platform for higher business engagement and opportunities.

The homework for the next session involves:
1. Continuing to hold current beta clients accountable and striving towards visible results.
2. Finding three new clients to extend your coaching reach.
3. Updating the social media banners and improving engagement strategies.
4. Regularly updating and posting valuable content in your group to build and maintain your community.

Overall, the session was rich with strategic planning, client management discussions, and reflection on business growth tactics, underscoring the progress in your coaching practice and business acumen.