In this session, we delved into identifying, embracing, and operating from your natural state, both personally and professionally. We discussed how aligning with your true self enhances your performance and satisfaction.

**Key Points Discussed:**
– **Understanding Your Natural State:** We explored the importance of recognizing and embracing your genuine characteristics and how they manifest in your professional environment.
– **Dealing with External Perceptions:** Addressed how others’ perceptions, especially the notion of being “too aggressive” or “intimidating,” can impact your self-view and relationships in work settings. Emphasizing the need to stay true to oneself without conforming to less authentic roles.
– **Navigating Professional Relationships:** We discussed maintaining authenticity in professional relationships and how this aligns with your long-term business goals, including the importance of forging relationships that respect and embrace your assertive nature.
– **Personal Reflection and Self-Acceptance:** Highlighted the value of spending time in introspection to fully appreciate and leverage your inherent qualities in all aspects of life, particularly in networking and business development.

– **Reflective Practice:** Spend some time identifying situations where you felt most ‘yourself’ and analyze what these situations have in common. Use this insight to seek out similar environments or create them in your current workspace.
– **Song Analysis:** Listen to Taylor Swift’s song “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” and reflect on its message in the context of our discussions about perceptions and self-worth.

**Next Steps:**
– Continue to embrace and articulate your natural characteristics in professional settings.
– Begin to apply insights from reflective practice to seek out or create environments that align with your natural state.

Let’s keep focusing on leveraging your unique strengths and ensuring they’re recognized as assets in your professional journey.