In this session, we discussed your recent engagements, particularly your vision classes, talks, and brainstorming sessions, and the positive feedback you’ve received from participants who crave connection. We explored making your sessions more interactive and community-focused. Concerning your pricing strategy for a one-on-one mentorship, we discussed various approaches, including offering a split payment option to make it more accessible while ensuring it reflects the value provided.

To increase engagement, we talked about establishing foundational trainings involving habits like journaling, meditation, and personal development. We also discussed using social media platforms, particularly Instagram, to leverage direct messaging for building closer client relationships.

We brainstormed ideas for expanding your online presence and proposed specific strategies, like searching for similar services to compare offerings and market gaps. This included considering market rates for your services by looking at what other vision coaches are doing.

Given the confusion around your pricing model, we considered a $333 fee for a two-month program consisting of various group trainings and live videos. For one-on-one sessions, we weighed charging per session or per hour, emphasizing the importance of valuing your time and expertise appropriately.

We also touched upon the importance of integrating community-building aspects into your programs to foster a supportive environment that encourages regular engagement and client retention.

Finally, we discussed how to leverage your offerings by ensuring they align with the needs of your target audience and maintaining flexibility in your approach to adapt and refine your strategies based on feedback and evolving market conditions.

Your homework is to consider how to incorporate interactive and community-building elements into your existing programs. Also, continue to refine your pricing strategy to reflect the value you provide while considering what is accessible to your target audience.